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Mid-2022 Check-In

Can you believe we are halfway through 2022? Take a moment to check in with yourself. How is the year going? Think back to the start of the year. It was colddd out. Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson were hosting one of the many NYE ball drop countdowns this year. Even if you do not personally make resolutions or set intentions, you still had a vision or a thought about how you wanted the year to go.

So, take inventory. Here is a quick exercise.

1. Write down 2-3 things you HAVE accomplished this year so far. It can be anything!

2. Write down 2-3 things you still want to accomplish this year.

3. Write down 2-3 action steps you can take this week that align with your goals you still want to reach this year.

4. Write 1-2 sentences about WHY you want to reach these goals this year.

As a coach, I set goals with my clients. And then, we check in regularly with our progress towards the goals and amend, if necessary. Goal-setting is not meant to make us feel bad; it is a measurement tool and the best way to determine if the daily actions we are taking support who we want to be.

As a coach, it is my job to hold you accountable. We often know what we want and how to get there but may be missing the accountability. I am currently taking new clients and offering free discovery sessions to start. In the free discovery session, we will create a goal and then you decide if you want to accountability coaching or not. Whatever it takes, I just want you to make 2022 the best year ever!🥳

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