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Eight Ways Young Living Essential Oils Helped Me Lose 25 Pounds

I often get asked by others who notice my weight loss, “what is your secret?” Here is the secret- there is no secret when it comes to weight loss. It is “calories in and calories out.” That sounds simple but that simple concept can take some hard work, education and planning. While mathematically, a caloric deficit is the way to lose weight, consumers these days have tons of tools to help make a calorie deficit happen. We have tools like workout videos, gyms, tracking apps, meal plans and habit change through coaching.

Young Living has been one of the tools that have been tremendously helpful for me in my weight loss. Young Living offers 100% pure essential oils and essential oil based products to support clean, healthy, holistic living. Young Living is the only essential oil company that owns their own farms and guarantees their customer a “seed to seal” product. If the product is not distilled completely up to standard, it is tossed.

Here are eight ways this amazing company has supported my weight loss journey:

  1. Slique Product Line. Young Living offers an entire product line that supports weight management. The Slique products include the fat-burning benefits of CintraSlim, as well as promote increased energy and decreased cravings. Slique Essence is an oil blend the can be dropped into water to tame cravings. Slique also offers tea, a powdered meal-replacement shake, Slique CitraSlim supplements, chewing gum and chocolate-coated bars. I have used all of these products and noticed it helps with cravings, hunger and energy. The Slique CitraSlim supplement comes in 15-day packs. I have had some of my best weight loss during the 15 days of supplements. Moreover, I know the supplements work for cravings because as soon as my 15 days are up, I notice increased cravings! If you need extra weight loss support, I highly recommend getting a Young Living membership to try out the Slique products.

  2. En-R-Gee Essential Oil. Pre-workout? Not needed. My workouts are difficult, intense and the kind of workout that one might need pre-workout to get through. I have never needed to use a pre-workout because of Young Living’s En-R-Gee EO. I rub a few drops of En-R-Gee on the bottom of my feet before a workout and I feel almost instantly energized. En-R-Gee supports my endurance through workouts and gives me a little boost during the afternoon slum or drowsy mornings! En-R-Gee truly has been a game-changing oil for me.

  3. Vitality Drops. Drinking tons of water can be hard but it is completely essential for weight loss. I specifically work with clients on water intake. Without massive water intake, our bodies are capable of holding onto water weight, which can be discouraging and appear to hinder weight loss. Additionally, lack of water intake can cause our bodies to be confused between hunger and thirst, can make us tired and can even lead to poor decision-making! Water can be hard to drink because it is boring to drink. Not to fear, Vitality Drops are here! Young Living offers naturally-flavored drops to add to water. These drops include electrolytes and are offered in two flavors, Bergamot Grapefruit and Lavender Lemonade. Frankly, these products make water-drinking super fun and easy.

  4. Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak. Filling up on a ton of fruits and vegetables throughout the day is one of the best ways to lower your calories intake. Thieves is the most-used immunity-supporting essential oil blend that Young Living offers. Young Living has created an entire Thieves line including Thieves cleaner, hand soap, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, dish soap, toothpaste, mouthwash and so much more. One of the Thieves products is a fruit and veggie soak that I absolutely love. I have no doubt that I am eating completely clean fruits and vegetables after leaving them in the soak. Thieves is also completely plant-based and chemical-free. My produce tastes so delicious after soaking, I wonder if I was ever truly eating clean produce before becoming a Young Living member! If you are looking for encouragement to eat fruits and vegetables as part of your weight loss journey, I highly recommend getting the Thieves Fruit and Veggie soak.

  5. Vitality Oils. The Young Living Vitality Essential Oils are labeled for consumption and completely safe to consume! I use Lemon EO in my water to cleanse my system. I also cook with Lemon Vitality EO, Lime Vitality EO, Cilatro Vitality EO, Black Pepper Vitality EO and so many more. The flavors make add a layer of fun to health cooking. I also take Digize Vitality EO and JuvaFlex Vitality EO for those days I do eat fried or other foods that do not agree with my system.

  6. Pure Protein Powder. Young Living offers two varieties of protein powder, the Vanilla Spice and Chocolate Pure Protein Powders. I always wanted to be a protein powder person but I was also unhappy with other protein powders. Many protein powders I have tried in the past are either not tasty or not filling. Young Living’s Pure Protein Powder is both of these things. I like to make protein shakes for lunch during busy work days; 2 scoops of powder, 8 oz almond milk plus fruit such as a banana or blueberries. The protein shakes are delicious and satisfying. Not to mention, protein intake is important when it comes to weight loss. As we lose weight, we lose muscle too. But, the old saying is true; muscle burns fat! I advise my clients to incorporate protein at every meal while trying to lose weight. Young Living’s Pure Protein Powder is a great way to do this.

  7. Lavender for Sleep Support. Believe it or not, sleeping is also essential for weight loss. Sleeping gives our bodies a chance to rest, recover and detox. When we are tired, we are more prone to reach for sugar. I personally always notice that I want sugar more when I am tired. Overall, I discuss sleep with my clients for all of these reasons. I use lavender oil every night and I am always amazed even still how well it works for sleep. I rub about 2 drops on the bottom of each foot and big toe at night. I am usually out pretty quickly with little disturbance throughout the night.

  8. Emotional Support Oils. Grab an oil, not a snack. I work with weight loss clients on emotional eating because, guess what, I’ve been there. Instead of going for sugar and snacks, I try to grab an oil instead to soothe, relax and distress. My favorite emotional support oils and oil blends are White Angelica, Joy, Transformation, Inner Child, Release, Frankincense, Stress Away and many others.

If you are interested in becoming a Young Living member and trying out some oils, I can help! The best way, by far, to get started is by investing in the Premium Starter Kit. You will get a diffuser as well as a variety of the most used and loved oils within the Young Living community. There is no membership fee, only the requirement that you start with one of the starter kit options. Having a membership simply means you get an account and 24% off all Young Living products. Please reach out to me for any questions, oil tips or when you are ready to get started!

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