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A Re-Introduction

I am a health coach. I help others lose weight. How am I able to do this? Because I’ve been there. It’s not just that I’ve lost weight once before. This was my life-long struggle. Lisa on the right was a yo-yo dieter. A binge-eater. At that time, I hated my body. I didn’t trust myself around food. So I counted “points” and restricted certain foods. Did tons of cardio almost like a punishment for eating. It got me nowhere. It only made things worse. Change happened for me when in my habits, lifestyle and health, after I got so sick of my own sh*t, I was willing to do the internal work. I was willing to find out why I did this to myself and truly make a change from the inside out. Sometimes you have to hit “rock bottom” and feel so absolutely stuck that you will do anything to get out of the endless binge-restrict cycle and finally find food freedom. That is when transformation happens.

I lost weight and changed my life in so many other ways by working with a health coach. I changed my daily habits. With each day practicing new habits, I became a new version of me. The old person is still within, reminding me how far I’ve come along. Reminding me that I am doing a great job, even when I don’t feel like it. Because believe me, I still get down on myself a lot. I just know how to work through it now.

Feeling completely stuck? Coaching may be right for you. My coaching program incorporates elements of intuitive eating, to learn how to listen to your body. We work in eating what your body needs and stopping when you are full. When this becomes second nature, losing weight happens naturally.

I am offering a free discovery session over Zoom to anyone interested in talking about goals, what’s stopping you or slowing you down from being where you want to be and how we can get your there. Let’s do this!

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