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Hi friends and welcome to my page! My name is Lisa Haggerty and I am a Certified Health Coach, Certified Life Coach and Attorney

My Story

I became passionate about health and life coaching after I experienced how life-changing coaching was for me in my journey. In 2014, when I graduated from law school, I was 60 pounds overweight, having gained 40 of those pounds during law school. I knew I needed and wanted to make a change. I joined WW, a program I love and still follow today, and lost 30 pounds during 2015. I was thrilled but then somehow got stuck. And then, I stayed stuck for years. At some point, I wasn’t just stuck in my weight; I was stuck in a job that, while great job, was simply not fulfilling all on its own to me. I was stuck in a love life that was not ideal for me. Not only was I overweight, but I was also dealing with significant body image and binge-eating issues that had haunted me my whole life. I spent time in therapy for body image and although I made some progress, it was still an unresolved problem for me.

In early 2020, I met my health and life coach by chance. I was ready to get “unstuck” and to feel like my life was going somewhere again. In 2020, during my time as a coaching client, I lost nearly 30 additional pounds bringing my total weight loss to 60 pounds. I broke free from habits that were holding me back. I broke free from harmful patterns of thinking and I learned how to truly love myself.

I now live a life I fully embrace. I feel more confident, energized and healthy than I have ever felt before. I follow my passions which include coaching, playing piano at home and in my band, cooking (pescatarian), reading and using my Young Living essential oils which have also become a huge part of my wellness journey. I try to live every day passionately and freely. I believe we all have the ability to create the life we want and to become the ideal version of ourselves. I believe sometimes you simply need to hire a coach to get you there!

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