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Certified Health and Life Coaching 

About Me

Helping You With Your Health and Wellness

I am a health and life coach. I work with people who struggle with weight loss. I help them lose weight without deprivation, so they can feel confident. 


Certified Health and Life Coaching

Offering health and life coaching to help you become the best version of yourself. Start by scheduling a free discovery session to start making a plan for your future. 

  • Weight Loss Coaching

  • Confidence Building

  • Body Image Counseling

  • Overcome Binge Eating


Lisa is fabulous!!  Her personality, her knowledge and her experience of going through the program herself is the complete package.  I always looked forward to each of our weekly sessions to be able to share my week and for her feedback and guidance for the next week.  Each session was filled with valuable information along with understanding and encouragement.  I met my initial goal and then some with Lisa’s wonderful health coaching.

Debbi S

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Schedule your free Discovery Session today.

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